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mid century modern m is for modern alphabet flash cards

M is for Modern Alphabet Flash Cards

“Forget A is for Apple. B is for Bauhaus is where it’s at.” This tag line along with the cool yet approachable nature of Jargon Boy’s M is for Modern Alphabet Flashcards has helped the product sell to wholesale and retail outlets throughout the world. The Modernist Flashcards are a learning tool for kids as well as a fun activity for all ages.

Over 40 different articles, websites and blogs have featured M is for Modern flash cards including Step Inside Design and How Design Magazines to websites/blogs Dwell, Design Within Reach, HGTV, BoingBoing, Wired and Apartment Therapy. Creative Director Greg Chinn conceived, designed, produced and handled all press for Jargon Boy’s first product launch, selling 950+ units. The M is for Modern flash cards were carried by retailers in the United States, Australia, Canada and England including classic brick and mortar stores like the Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum, MODA | Museum of Design Atlanta and SFMOMA | San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Online retailers like uncommongoods, spunkysprout and fab also carried the product. Locally, the flash cards were being sold at The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum located in Ridgefield, Connecticut which coincided with the show, Painting the Glass House: Artist Revisit Modern Architecture.

Most recently, the Modernist Cards retailed at museum shop in The Annenberg Retreat at Sunnylands. The Retreat was established by Walter and Leonore Annenberg for domestic and global leaders to address significant challenges and to advance world peace and the common good. The structure was designed by famed Los Angeles-based Mid-Century Modern architect A. Quincy Jones. Jones along with Frederick Emmons took part in Arts & Architecture Editor John Entenza's Case Study House program and later collaborated with builder Joseph Eichler to create affordable pre-fab modernist residential subdivisions throughout California.

mid century modern m is for modern alphabet flash cards

mid century modern m is for modern alphabet flash cards

mid century modern m is for modern alphabet flash cards

m is for modern alphabet flash cards point of purchase

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